Meat Tenderizer Hammer Hybrid 24 Blades Stainless Steel for Steak, Chicken, Pork

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Save money by making less expensive cuts of beef, chicken and pork chops tender and easier to prepare for healthier meals for your family and friends. 

Cook any cut of tenderized boneless beef or chicken more efficiently as it cooks up to 40% faster.

Easy to clean & Dishwasher Safe (upper rack). Easy to clean; Dishwasher safe. Includes a protective plastic cover for safe storage.

Save time when you fry, roast or BBQ as your favorite seasoning powder, spice, sauce or marinade infuses the treated cuts with flavor faster improving the tenderness even more.

Blades cut deep so marinades can soak easily into the cuts you tenderize. This versatile, hand-held, manual, multi-blade and hammer hybrid unit has the added feature of three different mallet surfaces to give you more tenderizing options for creating delicious and nutritious dishes for your family and friends.

Dimensions: Approx. 1.8"W x 7.6"H x 2"D.

Material: Made of FBA approved ABS plastic with 24 Stainless Steel blades.

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