Air Fryer Baking Dish Non Stick 6" Cake Quiche Mold for Le CouCou Harmony I & II

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Bake and Cook Breads, Cakes, Risottos, Au Gratin, Quiches and more with this air frying baking dish!

Convenient 6" wide diameter for easy fill of dough, mixture, filling, etc.   

Non-Stick baking dish, easy to clean and use with your air fryer.

Attached Handle makes lifting and removal of baking dish from your air fryers safer and easier.

Designed specifically for Le Coucou Harmony I & II air fryers (sold separately).

Keep your Air Fryer Tidy when you need to cook dishes which regular air fryer baskets will make a mess of. If you think that your dish will drip, run off or fall apart in your air fryer, try using this baking dish instead to keep your air fryer clean and your cooking experience more simplified.

Dimensions: Approx. 6.3"W x 6.3"H x 2.8"D.

Material: Non Stick Teflon.