Set of 2 Grilling Cooking Tongs Small 9-Inch & Large 12-Inch Stainless Steel

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Two for the price of one!

Nice Grip & Non-Stick Friendly Tongs. Scalloped steel heads coated in silicone. Firm tips which are angled to give you grip and control for cooking, preparing and grilling. 

Durable locking mechanism soft ergonomic grips with a ring pull lock for easy storage. The ring pull lock has special brackets which creates a uniform and smooth closing action.

  • Clean up is Easy. Wash the tongs under hot water or put them in the dishwasher to clean.
  • Made with extra thick 1.00mm Stainless Steel from the handles to the scalloped steel heads which are hygienically coated in silicone. There are no removable parts for bacteria to grow in.
  • Enjoy Additional Functionality this peeler also includes a bonus corer slicer to serve sliced apples as a snack or prepare apple pies or other fruit desserts/ dishes.
  • Stability enhanced with suction-grip feet to keep the peeler balanced while operating.
  • Warp Free & Rust Free. These tongs will not melt, warp, rust or flake into your food like cheap metal, nylon or plastic tongs will.
  • 100% FDA Grade and BPA Free. Heat Resistant to 480°.

Dimensions for Small Tongs: 1.5" W x 11.5" H x 1.5" D.
Dimensions for Big Tongs: 1.5" W x 13" H x 1.5" D.
Material: Silicone and Stainless Steel.

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